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Things to Consider Before Giving a Pet as a Gift

Written by Jaci Rothe

It is the most wonderful time of the year! As you shop for gifts for your loved ones for the holidays, you may have a furry, four-legged friend on your list for a special someone. The decision to get a pet should never be taken lightly, so we ask that you take the following into consideration before gifting someone with a pet.

Are they ready for a long-term commitment?

While Fido’s and felines can bring an abundance of love and joy, they require a lot of care and are a long-term commitment. Make sure that the person is ready to take on that responsibility. Are they able to properly care for the animal financially? From vet bills to food and grooming, a pet requires a significant amount of money throughout their entire lifetime. You want to make sure that the person you are buying the pet for will be able to afford the pet. Also, make sure that their living situation allows pets.

Will they have enough time and attention?

Pets also require a lot of time. They need attention daily, and many require walks, playtime and lots of snuggles. Is the person’s schedule ideal for a pet? Make sure that he or she has enough time to give the cat or dog all the love it deserves. When a pet is first brought into a new home, the transition process is crucial. In order for it to feel comfortable and loved, it needs a lot of attention and training. This is especially true if the pet is a puppy that needs to be potty trained. A routine must be established. The holiday season is a very hectic time of year for many, so make sure that person will be able to take care of the pet during this time. Will the person be traveling frequently this holiday season? If so, consider paying the adoption fee for the person after the holidays have passed and he or she is ready to have a pet.

What type of pet do they want?

Before choosing which pet to get for the person, consider what he or she may be looking for in a pet. Is he or she a dog or cat person? Then, choose the age, the size and the breed that would best fit that person’s preference and lifestyle. Note: Staff at MEHS encourages you to involve the future owner in the process of selecting the pet!

Once you have considered all of these things, you will know if the decision to gift him or her with a pet is a good one. If the answer is yes, great! Come visit us at the shelter. We have a variety of amazing dogs and cats available, and we would love to see them find a home for the holidays! Visit to view our adoptable animals.

Thank you, and Happy Holidays!



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