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Gift Catalog

Tug of War

Rainy Day Fund

Providing shelter pets with enrichment activities helps keep them mentally stimulated, reduces destructive behaviors and happy pets are more often placed in adoptive homes. A gift of $25 helps us purchase Kongs + peanut butter, training treats, food puzzles, scratch pads and laser pointers for cats, packages of squeaky toys cat nip and more.

Visit to the Vet

Welcome Wellness Package (Cat)

A gift of $30 pays for an incoming cat’s routine testing & medication, vaccinations and microchip.

At the Vet

Welcome Wellness Package (Dog)

A gift of $50 pays for an incoming dog’s routine testing & medication, vaccinations and microchip.

Dog at Vet


Because of our commitment to being a No-kill Community, all of our pets are spayed or neutered before they’re adopted. A gift of $75 covers the cost of veterinary staff, medical supplies and pain medication for a quick recovery.

Cleaning Equipment


Our shelter pets sure are cute, but they aren’t so much into cleaning. A Gift of $100 helps us purchase essential cleaning supplies like bleach to keep the shelter sanitized, paper towels, garbage bags and laundry detergent to keep pet beds clean, comfy and cozy.

Brushing Dog's Teeth

Pearly White Polish

Dental health is essential to overall wellness and a gift of $150 provides dental care for shelter pets who need a good need teeth cleaning or tooth extraction before they’re ready for adoption.

Kitty Love

Cuddle Buddies

We often place puppy and kitten litters in foster homes for the duration of their nursing period. A gift of $250 provides fosters with the supplies they need such as formula, bottles, blankets, playpens and special puppy or kitten food

Cuddling Cats

Spay Day

We are proud supporters of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), a no-kill strategy that traps feral cats, sterilizes them and returns them to their outdoor homes to live out their lives. A gift of $600 covers the cost of sterilizing 1 colony of cats.

Dog Food

Fill the Fridge

We are committed to our no-kill mission and we house our animals until they find their forever families - no matter how long it takes. Because of this commitment, we occasionally have special needs animals like Samson, who require some extra TLC. A gift of $1000 covers the cost of special food and treats, medicated baths to treat sensitive skin and allergies, and medication we don’t keep on hand for routine treatment.

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