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Supplies Wish List

MEHS is always in need of the following supplies:


  • Paper Towels

  • Heavy-duty dog chew toys

  • Cat toys 

  • Dog and cat treats

  • Cat beds

  • Cleaning supplies -- bleach, liquid laundry detergent

  • Office supplies -- printer paper, pens, manila folders, post-it notes

  • Dog rope slip leads 

  • Fleece blankets 

  • Pooper scoopers 

  • Newspaper 

  • Shredded paper 

  • 30-gallon trash bags

  • 55-gallon trash bags 

  • Mop heads 

  • Martingale dog collars 


Additional supplies can be found on our Amazon Wish List. Click HERE to view a full listing of needed supplies. 

You can host a donation drive for us using our Amazon wish list any time! For more information on supply collection reach out  ​

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