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How to Soothe Your Pet’s Allergies

Spring is officially here and with it comes allergies. Much like us humans, our furry friends can experience allergies too! A pet’s allergies tend to be similar to what we experience. They may have symptoms like itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing. However, they also have symptoms that may not be familiar to us like swelling in their face and ears, trouble breathing, diarrhea, vomiting, itchy body and rashes. Overall, when your pet has allergies it can be pretty miserable for them. In order to ensure they enjoy the spring season, it’s important to do your best to soothe your pet’s allergies.

Give Your Pet Allergy Medicine

If your pet is experiencing allergies, there are a variety of options to try to help soothe them. And, although it may sound crazy, vets often recommend giving your pet the same allergy medicines we take.

Safe allergy medicines include:

· Benadryl

· Zyrtec

Before you use the medications listed above to help with your pet’s allergies, it’s extremely important to check with your vet. While these medications have been deemed safe, the dosage for your pet will vary depending on their size, health and breed.

Add in Extra Bath Time

Whether bath time is your pet’s favorite, or they hate it, it is known for helping with pet’s allergies. Often times, your pet will bring in allergens on their coat. If they spend a lot of time outside, this could very well be the source of their allergies. Bath time is a great way to keep their coat clean and free of pollen. In addition to removing pollen, it’s a great way to soothe your pet’s itchy skin. Before bathing your pet, make sure you are using a safe pet shampoo. It’s never recommended to use human shampoo as animals have different skin and hair than us. Using human shampoo could cause your pet to experience skin allergies.

Keep Your House Free and Clear of Pollen

Although keeping the windows and doors open can be great, it’s also another way for allergens and pollen to make their way inside. And as you could imagine, having allergen filled air doesn’t make soothing your pet’s allergies any easier. Whether you plan to keep your home closed up or windows open, investing in an air humidifier is a great way to keep the air clean. The air humidifier will help mitigate air born pollen. In addition to keeping the air clean, it’s important to keep your furniture and floors clean as well. If your pet is bringing in allergens and laying on carpet or couches, the carpet and couches now have those same allergens on them. In order to break the cycle, keep your floor and furniture vacuumed and clean.

Some spots to consider when cleaning include:

· Couches

· Carpet

· Rugs

· Beds

· Pet Beds

· Blankets

· Car Seats and Upholstery (if your pet is frequently in the car)

Get a Professional Opinion

If you’ve done all you can and your pet’s allergies are still bad, it may be time to get a vet’s opinion. For example, if your pet’s allergies are severe, a prescription steroid or shot may be needed. Often times, pet owners confuse food allergies for seasonal allergies, which have very different treatments. A vet will be able to perform a checkup and rule out any other possibilities like food allergies or illnesses. Going to a vet will help you eliminate guess work and get your pet back to feeling happy and healthy.

At the Metro East Humane Society, it’s our mission to ensure our furry friends live their best lives. Whether it be allergy treatment or working with our fosters to prepare them for homes, we make sure we put the pet first. Learn more about the Metro East Humane Society and how you can help change lives.



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