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Workplace Giving

by Stephanie Pfaff

Workplace giving is an excellent way for people to donate to important causes through charities that provide programs and services that are important to them. There are tons of benefits to workplace giving and most people don’t know that they can maximize the impact of their donor dollars through employee giving programs.

Many companies will match employee gifts. Click here or ask your Human Resources department to find out if your company participates in this kind of giving. In fact, some employers will match at a 2:1 or even 3:1 ratios!

Workplace giving also allows for ease of giving - no PayPal transactions or sending in checks. You can opt in to monthly or quarterly payroll deductions to spread out a gift over time, reducing the impact of a larger gift on your wallet. As the development officer of a nonprofit agency, I can’t emphasize enough the value of monthly gifts - they provide reliable revenue for recurring expenses (think utilities, payroll for highly qualified caregivers, animal related expenses like medical supplies, special diets, etc.) that are often not covered by grants or restricted donations. Essentially, we’ve got to keep the lights on in order to do the lifesaving work we do and monthly giving helps us do just that.

I’m excited to share that MEHS is once again participating in the Combined Federal Campaigns (CFC), a workplace giving program for federal employees, including current (and retired!) civilian, postal and military donors. This giving program offers 200 campaigns worldwide.

We are attending a host of CFC events in the area and look forward to meeting federal workers who are looking for an outlet for their generosity and sharing the work we do with them. If you’re a current or retired federal worker and would like to donate to MEHS through CFC, please contact Office of CFC at and provide them with CFC #35541.


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