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Foster Program

Thank you for showing interest in opening your home to a shelter companion animal. We have started this program in order to give young, injured, abused, or under-socialized animals a chance to grow or heal and eventually find permanent homes. 

What kind of animals need foster homes?

  • Puppies or kittens too young to be adopted 

  • An abused dog or cat that needs socialization and tender loving care

  • An injured dog or cat in recovery 

  • An abandoned mother with a litter of kittens or puppies 

  • Abandoned kittens and puppies without a mother 

If you would like to receive additional information, please email or complete the attached application.




Volunteers for this program:

  1. Must be at least 18 years old.

  2. Must complete our attached application, and participate in an interview and training session.

  3. Must agree to a home visit by our shelter staff.

  4. Must provide requested medical information for all personal pets.

  5. Must sign the foster agreement pertaining to the animal you are fostering.

  6. Must provide in-home care for MEHS animals assigned under the foster program and return animals to MEHS on the date requested.

  7. Must keep appropriate weight, medication and/or behavioral records on the foster animal while in your care, and present a profile of the animal to MEHS upon return to us.


This program is an opportunity for you to:

  • Give love and affection to an animal that is so young that yours will be the first safe human interactions for that animal and will give a lasting foundation for human interaction to that baby.

  • Provide a safe environment for frightened or unsocialized animals that have not learned humans can be trusted. You can help them learn new behaviors and better ways to interact.

  • Help MEHS maintain a disease-free shelter by caring for at-risk or sick animals until it is safe for them to return to the shelter.

  • Help MEHS save more animals by freeing up space in shelter facilities. Thank you for your interest!


Note: The Foster Program is entirely staffed by volunteers. Services performed by an individual are of a voluntary nature and are without express or implied promise of salary, compensation, employment, or payment of any kind.

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