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In early 2020 MEHS acquired both the Highland Animal Shelter and Riverbend Pet Food Pantry to continue helping more animals & their owners. As a no-kill shelter we are only able to help animals we have space for. To increase animal intakes and adoptions, serve the community as a resource for humane animal education, and support the stray animal population in the St. Louis Metro East, we will be fully renovating our Highland facility, reopening to the public as a second MEHS location in April 2021.

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MEHS Highland Rendering

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MEHS edwardsville Rendering

MEHS is committed to supporting animal owners in the Metro East, regardless of income barriers, to provide quality veterinary care for their animals. To this end, our capital fundraising campaign will allow us to expand the medical suite in our Edwardsville facility, enabling us to provide more low-cost and low-income veterinary services for the community and animals we serve.

While we are so proud of the work that we've done, we know there is still so much work to do. This is an exciting time for MEHS and our board, staff, and volunteers are proud to launch this campaign to help further our reach and save more furry friends. We hope you will join us in being part of animal welfare in the Metro East!

To learn more, please download our full Capital Campaign packet:

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capital campaign committee

Elise italiano-mehs board president

dylan brinkmann-mehs board vice president

angela imming

sandy nissen

tyler winters

Heather Kunz

Jaci Rothe

Jenn Baker

Julie Hanna

Mark Tschudy

Trina Vetter

capital campaign SUPPORTERS

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John Duft & June Blaine


Elise & nick Italiano

judy streif

Highland Rotary

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Lisa howell & dustin abner

joe & linda stevens

ronald & janet rapp

Kevin brown


Mark tschudy

Ron & karla smith

Kelly thompson

kathryn arnold

Ledy Vankavage

DIANA sievers & sandra clark 

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debora aboudib

jaci rothe

melissa shaw

haley dochwat

Lisa Welborn

megan elin

jay rothe

mcnabnay family

michael kershaw

David Stein

Constance bond

jason & sarah rankin

rachel fry

dylan brinkmann

Rachel lewis

karla crane

Emily sheehan

rebekah freisinger

Zachary Raube

karen motycka

lana schneider

Lowell Mills

Marsha thole

leann aloisi

tanis houseman

Teri & Frank musso

Mark & Terrie Stunkel

susan hume

ruth adamson

alma hohrein

mark & joyce acenbach

nancy hediger

stacey cox

tonia davidson

linda white

jerome & carla zobrist

mark thompson

Len & judy hoffman

jim maher

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